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Secure File Sharing Options for Every Situation


The internet has become the center of technology. Regardless of what new technology is released, it will more than likely connect to the internet. This is creating a need for secure file storage and data transfer to accommodate the use of multiple devices. In business, this is especially true. Safely sharing and storing files can make or break a company. Even small business owners and contractors may have personal and sensitive information that needs to be kept secure while still being accessible online. Therefore, secure file sharing options have been developed for every situation and need.

Secure Options for Personal Use:

Many households are going paperless, moonlighting as contractors or just need to access personal files from anywhere. The need to store and share these files securely is important to avoid situations such as identity theft and data leakage that can cost them a client. One secure option that many are turning to is the use of cloud services.

There are various low-cost services available that offer secure file and data storage. This allows access to data anywhere a connection is available. Whether you access the data via laptop or mobile app, a user can download, edit, collaborate, or upload files from virtually anywhere.

For those who don’t want to upload all of their files into cloud storage, there are services that allow mobile access to your home computer. Some of these services come with a small cost, while there are open-source options available. The benefit of this type of file transfer is access to all of your files. If you forgot to upload a file into cloud storage, you won’t have access to that file, however, accessing your PC will give you access to all the files on your hard drive.

Secure Options for Business Use:

In business, security has always been an issue that often comes with high cost and even higher priority. For businesses that are shifting to online data storage, sharing and remote access, security is even more of a priority. For these companies, online file storage and sharing solutions have been created and offer tighter security.

One of these options is a private cloud server. This is a privately owned server that integrates into your current infrastructure and is managed by your in-house IT department. The benefits of these servers are the ease of setup, increased security and control, and the ability to change policies on the server level.

Another option is the use of Virtual Data Rooms. These are highly utilized in the health care and law fields. The added security makes VDRs the perfect option for highly sensitive data. These virtual rooms are easy to manage, offer highly securable options, such as read-only access and the inability to print, as well as offers easy tracking, addition and deletion of users.

The internet has basically changed the world and how we operate. In business it has been an invaluable tool to increase productivity, lower costs and expand borders. Even with the high tech world we live in, we have only scratched the surface of what the internet, mobile technology, and virtual storage are capable of. To learn more about the safest tools for sharing files with anyone, visit this website:

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