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Why Is Zanjero Trails A New Destination For Homeowners?


Zanjero Trails, located in Surprise, Arizona, is a brand-new community overlooked by the White Tank Mountains. It is a brilliantly planned community with various neighborhoods that offer residents plenty of opportunities for fun, recreation, and enjoyment. Additionally, the homes for sale in Zanjero Trails are spacious, inviting, and masterfully planned.

Here is more information about this community that will convince you to buy a house here.

Situated near White Tank Mountain Regional Park

Zanjero Trails enjoys proximity to the White Tank Mountain Regional Park, famous for its scenic views and various adventure activities. For example, there is a lot of great hiking to be done here. The trails are well-marked, easy to follow, and well-maintained. In addition to the general hiking trails, many side trails offer more options for exploring the area.

Biking is an excellent option if you’re looking for an exciting way to explore the park. The park has many trails that mountain bikers and recreational cyclists can use. The most popular of these is the White Tank Loop Trail, which winds around a scenic lake and offers magnificent views of the surrounding desert landscape.

Low maintenance

One of the top benefits of purchasing a home in Zanjero Trails is that it’s easy to care for, which means you won’t have to spend hours mowing your lawn or weeding your flower beds when you could be spending time with friends and family.

The Homeowners Association provides all the lawn care services you need to save time and money on maintenance costs so that you can focus on living your life instead of worrying about what needs doing outside. In exchange for the maintenance services provided by the Association, they charge a specific fee, which you should enquire about beforehand from your realtor.

A short drive from Phoenix and the airport

Zanjero Trails is located about 34 miles from Phoenix, allowing you to reach downtown Phoenix in no time. Getting around is easy if you’re rushing to catch a flight or want to get out of town for a while.

The nearest airport, the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, is situated about 34 minutes from the community. For more information about Zanjero Trails, visit to explore the community’s offerings.

Near to two big shopping centers

Prasada Gateway and Market West Square are two of the largest shopping centers in Arizona, and they’re both located close to Zanjero Trails Surprise’s homes. Prasada Gateway is the largest shopping center in Arizona, with over 1 million square feet of retail space on a single campus. It has many stores, including Old Navy, Kohl’s, Walmart, and more! This mall boasts over 200+ shops, including national chains and local businesses. Likewise, Market West Square is another major destination that offers plenty of restaurants and specialty stores like Nordstrom Rack & GNC Nutrition Store! Kids will love exploring all its unique shops, from Build-A-Bear Workshops Toy Store to Build-A-Bear Workshop, where they can create their stuffed animal friend from their favorite toys! Shopping here will be fun for your whole family!

With so many benefits and experiences on offer, no wonder that homes for sale in Zanjero Trails are popular amongst homebuyers. With its safety, security, minimal maintenance, and ample entertainment opportunities, it is a place you would like to call home. Contact an expert real estate agent to know more about the real estate options in this location.

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