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Save a Child- Mobile Recycling


Help save the life of a child by giving back to charity. There are hundreds of children in the UK that are denied or cannot afford proper food, health care, education or clothing. Charity organizations right across the UK have joined forced with mobile recycling companies to help save the children from poverty and deplorable living conditions.

You can contribute to this initiative by recycling your old inactive cell phones hanging around the household. You are saving a life and preserving our future leaders by recycling your dormant Blackberry. For each recycled cell phone, a meal is provided for a child. Get involved in the business and give back to the less fortunate children in Africa.

Millions of Cell Phones

The telecommunication sector is one of the most profitable in the UK. There are more than a billion mobile users that constantly upgrade their call plan and their cell phones on a monthly basis. If all these neglected cell phones are recycled, this would be sufficient money to fulfill the objectives of the Save the Children campaign.

Studies have revealed that if one million recyclable cell phones are returned, it can furnish 60 percent of the impoverish children with education, proper housing and food for a year. Make a generous contribution to the well-being of others while you earn from mobile recycling. You are only a couple minutes away from helping a needy child.

Good Samaritans across the World

The mobile recycling companies in the UK have partnered with several other charity initiatives across the world. The recession has worsen the living conditions of children in almost all the countries of the world especially in third world countries such as Africa, India and the countries of the Caribbean They need your help to transform their impoverished lives. It is quite simple to offer assistance to these children.

Mobile Recycling and Your Health

Mobile Recycling not only benefits these children. There is a greater health benefit from recycling that old Motorola cell phone in your chest. All cell phones are made up of toxic substances such as lead and mercury. You are removing the danger from out your home when you want to recycle your old phone.

These toxic substances are major causes of air and water pollution and primary contributors to several chronic respiratory illnesses. You are putting yourself and your family at risk of lead poisoning by keeping these old cell phones in your home. Mobile recycling companies are waiting to offer attractive prices for your old cell phones. The old phone parts supply the various factories and manufacturers with cheap recovered metals and plastics that are used to make new electronic accessories.

You are moments away from making a change in the world. Instead of allowing these undesired mobile devices to gather dust and rot, trade them in to one of the reputable mobile recycling companies. Any cell phone can be converted into hundreds of dollars within minutes. The answer to the problem of poverty among children and environmental degradation is mobile recycling. You have nothing to lose.

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