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Redecorating Your Bedroom on the Cheap


Your home should be a sanctuary, somewhere you feel at ease and happy. This is perhaps most important for the one room in your house where you truly need to unwind—the bedroom. How we decorate it can make all the difference in how we feel before we turn in for the night; and if this room is looking a bit bland, you can make it beautiful without spending a ton of money. To find out more about how to create a more peaceful environment in your house, visit this website:  

Here are some tips for decorating your bedroom on a budget.

Accent Wall

Nothing can spruce up a room like a fresh coat of paint—not only will it change the look of the room dramatically, it is also one of the most inexpensive fixes. An accent wall can give your bedroom a whole new look. Go for a bold color that will complement the rest of the walls. If you have pale pink walls, a nice rich purple will look great; if you have off-white walls, a deep burgundy or plum can really make things pop. Get more tips and ideas about decorating your bedroom on this dedicated website:

New Bedding

The bed is clearly the focal point of this room and simply getting some new bedding can go a long way in providing a new and fresh look. You might want to consider getting a neutral bedspread; this way, you can get more adventurous with the rest of the room as far as painting and accessories go. Or, if you prefer the rest of the room to have a more neutral look, go for some bold bedding with lots of colors or intricate designs.

Spice Up the Walls

There are lots of inexpensive things you can do to the walls to up the beautiful factor in your bedroom.You can adorn them with inexpensive decals that match the color scheme of the room. Get some inexpensive art to jazz up the space; you might also consider making a wall that is full of photos you love. Print them out, put them in frames and arrange them in a creative pattern of your choice.

Get Some Plant Life

Putting some plants in your bedroom is an easy, inexpensive way to breathe some new life into the space. Not only will they make the room look prettier, they will boost your mood and improve the air quality in your room. If that is not feasible, get some vases and fresh flowers.


Shelving is another inexpensive way to add some flavor to your bedroom. One right above the bed can serve as a great makeshift mantel where you can adorn some pretty candles or some sort of centerpiece. Shelves placed strategically in other parts of the room filled with books or other tasteful knickknacks will also work well.


Accents, accents, accents—one of the best strategies for decorating on a budget; pillows are a great, cheap fix for any bedroom—go wild with them. If you have hard flooring, braided area rugs can add some pizzazz and texture. Candles are another cheap fix that can add some colour and style to the room. For the bedroom furnishing new ideas follow casain decor.

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