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Samsung M370 – Robust and Affordable


The Samsung M370 has been introduced by Samsung as affordable and a tough smart phone targeted towards the majority of people.

Samsung M370 function cellphone is developed for the public who find challenging to spend their money in the name of some stylish, hi-tech and specialized mobile cellphone with the sleekest styles and instead desire something realistic, sturdy and cost-effective.

Samsung M370 for Sensible and Realistic Patrons

The New Samsung M370 is made in particular for realistic clients. Most of the realistic clients do not want numerous functions on their phones and instead need the basic functions of making and getting calls, delivering and getting texts without trouble and maybe at times, assisting some multi media functions like camera, internal storage space etc.

With its good design and looks, new Samsung M370 seems like the best buy for all the realistic customers.

Incorporated Systems for Samsung M370

The Samsung M370 consists of new built-in tools like custom photo call Identification and speaker- free speech calling facilities, together with the standard built-in paraphernalia like Calculator, calendar and task list. Whenever, a user finds both his hands occupied and has to make a voice call, the speaker-independent speech calling device has become very helpful during these circumstances.

Samsung M370It is also outfitted with the new built-in adult control placing which features by reducing outbound or arriving direct dial calls and also assists by restricting access to data services.

A Software called The Sprint Family Locator

The Sprint Family Locator presented in Samsung M370 along with the help of GPS technology helps the user to find the mobile phone devices of other close relatives, by showing the location on an involved map.

Besides this, Samsung M370 also has a 3.5mm universal port, a camera of 1.3 mp, a 256MB ROM, a 128MB RAM and also an inner storage space of 2MB.

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