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Planning Your Maine Vacation


As the summer travel season inches ever closer, families across the United States are beginning to plan out their summer vacations. Most years places like California and Florida top the list of family friendly vacation spots.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with spending a few days lounging on the beach in San Diego or Miami, these popular spots can be extremely crowded and roasting hot during the busy summer months. But if you’re looking for family friendly beach ocean vistas, what’s the alternative?

How about the great state of Maine? Maine beaches are pristine, beautiful and refreshingly cool during the good old summertime. If you’re interested in breaking out of the summer travel rut and heading north to Main, here are a few things you’ll want to know.

First of all, you’ll want to set your expectations to a reasonable level. While the beaches in Maine are sandy and gorgeous, the water is definitely a bit on the cool side. This isn’t the bathtub temperature water you’ll find in Miami. That said, Maine beaches are the perfect places for a little wading and splashing around in shallow water.

One thing that many travelers notice right away about their Maine vacation planning is the wide variety of accommodations you’ll find there, even in some of the smaller resort spots like Ogunquit. Try doing a quick Google search for, “Ogunquit, ME hotels,” and you’ll find a huge selection of everything from quaint bed and breakfasts to high end chain hotels.

This range of choices makes planning a Maine vacation easy no matter what kind of budget you’re on.

Once you’ve booked your Maine vacation lodgings, you can move on to planning some activities. Whether you’re interested in action sports like water skiing and parasailing, or just want to stroll through a quaint small town, Maine can deliver the goods.

Not everyone makes it up Maine for a summer vacation, but those that do are almost always surprised by the friendly, affordable, family vacation opportunities they find there. Maine is a place where everyone is welcome and families of all kinds can relax and spend some quality time together.

The State of Maine offers a ton of great travel planning tools at (just search travel when you get there) and we highly encourage anyone planning a vacation to check them out. Maine is one of those places you’ll want to visit over and over again.

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