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Organising Trips For Seniors To Provide Lasting Memories


It is a challenge to organize trips for older students that are both educational and fun, as finding locations and providing activities that will interest them and keep them interested can involve a lot of planning. Below are some tips and things to think about when organizing such trips.

Planning your trip

The aim of any sort of trip with students is to provide them with an ‘out of classroom’ experience that will stay with them and which they can then use and draw on when they are back in the classroom, whether that is at school or college. In order to deliver this fully it may be necessary to use an external company to help you to organize and co-ordinate your trip as well as tailoring a tour that is appropriate to the age, ability and interests of the students you are taking. You might be considering fundraising to help with the cost of the trip and there is support and help available to enable you to do this effectively and raise as much as possible.

What type of tour?

Going on senior class trips is an important part of education before students leave school and head off to college, which means educational establishments are responsible for managing the needs and expectations of both students and parents in terms of the experiences the trip will provide as well as reassuring parents that their children will be well looked after and taken care of, particularly if the trip is overseas. It is important to ensure that the trip is appropriate to the studies and interests of the group who will be going and there are organized trips available related to the arts, sciences, social studies or even preparing for college.

It is possible to stay within the ‘confines’ of North America and Canada on senior class trips and still provide amazing experiences including trips to major cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Boston. These visits offer students the opportunity to learn about the history and background of the cities as well as experiencing the things that they have to offer in the current day and age. Trips to cities such as these could also include visits to places of scientific interest and natural beauty as well as science museums. Additionally if your group of seniors is interested in the performing arts then a tour which would provide them with the opportunity to perform on stage in front of a live audience would be a great experience.

Travelling abroad with students

For students who are seniors there can be few more memorable trips prior to starting college than those which will take them overseas to experience the places, culture and language of a different country. Such trips could include Europe or visits to places in the far east such as China. There is little doubt that such a trip would be the experience of a lifetime.

Taking senior students on trips can be very rewarding and provide less challenges than taking younger students. They are still very hard work to organize though and the ability to have assistance with this side of things will allow educators to spend more time concentrating on the students as well as providing reassurance to both parents and students that this well managed and well organized tour will provide them with that once in a lifetime experience they are expecting.

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