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Questions for Wedding or Event Bands or Musicians


Before meeting with potential bands or musicians to hire for your next event, come up with a list of questions to ask them. You’ll want to investigate whether or not the band or musician you are interviewing is professional. Check their level of professionalism by their website, years in the field, specializations, acknowledgement in the Better Business Bureau and references. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may think of during the process, because you’re looking for someone that fits your needs the best.

An important aspect of hiring a band is the terms of their contract. Make sure you read over all of their terms carefully, and agree to them, before singing on the dotted line. Make sure there are proper cancellation policies and the payment structure is spelled out with payment amounts and dates. Specify all rates you’ve discussed and what’s included in each rate (get an itemized list). Make sure their contingency plans are included with information about who fills in for a band member if they suddenly become ill. Secure the name and phone number of an emergency contact that you can call in the event that something goes wrong with the act or someone doesn’t show up. Also, get a copy of their liability insurance, just in case.

Ask questions about the experience of the members of the band, their equipment (and if they have backups readily available), if they’re part of the agency or contracted out, other talents they may have like being a master of ceremonies and how many breaks they require. Listen to samples of the band and ask why it’s advantageous to have live musicians over having a DJ. Ask questions about their song list, such as what’s included in their library, whether they allow guests to make requests or if they will learn special requests you may have ahead of time. Do they have any specific space, electrical or other requirements? If so, make sure they are provided by your venue. Get specific details about their performances, such as the number of musicians in their ensemble, specializations in music types and ask to meet with the people who will be performing at your event.

If you have specific requests for the band or musician, make sure you make that known early. If you want them to wear a specific outfit, perform at a unique location or travel far, ask to see if they are willing to do that. Find out if they have any requests or needs from you or the venue.

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