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Plastic Surgery Basics


There are many different types of plastic surgery procedures available to correct different issues with the body. The surgery is done for a variety of reasons, but it is often only for weight loss (as a cure for morbid obesity) and rehabilitation after a disfiguring injury that it can be covered by medical insurance. For other vanity procedures, plastic surgery is usually very expensive.

Morbid Obesity and Bariatric Surgery

For people who are morbidly obese, doctors sometimes recommend bariatric surgery or liposuction as soon as possible. This type of surgery is done while the patient is under general anesthetic. Incisions are made usually in the abdominal area, the thighs or the buttocks and fat is sliced and vacuumed out with special equipment. This type of corrective surgery can also be performed around the breasts and arms.

One of the unfortunate side effects of bariatric surgery, especially in people who are extremely overweight, is that there are skin folds afterwards. When the wounds have fully healed – which can take several weeks or even months – further surgery is often required to remove the hanging and stretched skin. This type of surgery unfortunately leaves visible scars, but in the case of someone who is morbidly obese it may be the only option as normal weight loss could be too difficult.

In some jurisdictions, it is possible to get health care to cover the “stomach ring”. In this procedure the stomach is made smaller so that the person eats less. This can help with weight loss in a brute force method. Are you interested in learning more about plastic surgery? Take a look at this website for useful information.

Corrective and Rehabilitative Surgery

Plastic surgery is often prescribed to patients who are undergoing rehabilitation after some sort of a disfiguring injury. Fire and acid burns, car accidents and wounds from edged weapons may be given corrective surgery. Children born with split palates and other birth defects can also sometimes get corrective surgery, although they will not be able to have plastic surgery until their body has stopped growing.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery for Beauty Reasons

While plastic surgery is not covered by medical insurance in most places for reasons of beauty, this is becoming increasingly popular and more affordable. In any case, plastic surgery has moved out of the domain of the celebrities and is becoming more mainstream.

Patients can have procedures to change the shape of their nose and other facial features, breast enhancements, abdominal enhancements, and buttock enhancements. There are also procedures which can trim excess fat off areas that are difficult to target with weight loss approaches (such as the abs, underarms and thighs).

Sub Specialties and Side Effects

There are several different specialties of plastic surgery such as burns, cosmetic, craniofacial, hand, micro and pediatric surgery.

Recovery from plastic surgery is not without its side effects. One of the most popular side effect is infection or in the worst cases, sepsis. Patients who are recovering from plastic surgery will usually spend 1-2 nights in the hospital following, where their bandages can be monitored and changed strictly by nurses. Even when a patient has gone home, they will need to be very careful and not exercise for several weeks. the bandages must be checked frequently by a doctor during this time as well and any infections should be stopped immediately using medication.

In many cases, plastic surgery results in scars as well as skin discolorations. These can be corrected with further surgery or by skin grafting and using skin bleach. In some rare cases, plastic surgery can cause other complications such as embolisms and blood clots. It is imperative that plastic surgery be done by certified and professional surgeons who will keep supervising the surgery until it is fully healed.

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